DubLi Nonprofit Partner Program

DubLi has created a program for nonprofit organizations of all sizes; to capitalize on the continuous growth of global ecommerce while building membership loyalty and retention…and DubLi does all the work.

The DubLi Nonprofit Partner Program allows organizations to co-brand DubLi’s ecommerce platform. The value-added program aligns with your brand and facilitates loyalty and retention of your members, or your employees, or your investors and donors. Best of all, there is nothing new for you or your members to do! Your members earn cash back on the purchases they are already making when shopping and booking travel online and you earn commission on these same sales. The difference is, your members will like the DubLi offering and use it more. 

The program is an additional professional and appealing marketing tool that extends your brand and gives your members a valuable reason to return to your website over and over again. To get started, all you need to do is upload your logo and DubLi does the rest. By giving your members more reasons to visit your own website, you drive more traffic to your products and services. 

DubLi understands that nonprofit organizations are constantly challenged, looking for new but professional methods to fund their respective causes that are consistent with their brand and image. The DubLi Partner Program’s turnkey solution is designed to compliment the organization’s current fundraising efforts. The DubLi Nonprofit Partner Program assists in improving retention rates among investors, corporate donors, individual donors, and other constituents. Nonprofits receive the same benefits as a for-profit Partner, without the associated costs; no set-up costs, no monthly maintenance fees - and DubLi provides the marketing support. The DubLi Partner Program delivers the highest possible return on investment (ROI) since there is no investment on the organizations part.

With DubLi’s simple and fast registration process, your DubLi Nonprofit Partner Program can be launched within one week. DubLi’s investment in technology and resources allows you to focus on your business while DubLi develops your site. DubLi supports your customer marketing after launch with a host of collateral materials located in your customized Partner Program back office. Additionally, back office analytics makes communication with your donor base more precise and value driven.

The unprecedented growth in global ecommerce illustrates how businesses increasingly rely on merchandising through the Internet. Online sales represent a tremendous income opportunity for you, if effectively leveraged, but this fast paced world has an abundant variety of options and choices. So, DubLi has upped the stakes in the online commerce revolution by developing one of the most innovative and dynamic revenue engines available to businesses and their customers.

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